Oracle Copyright Problem for the Industry

As it is written, White House sides with Oracle, tells Supreme Court APIs are copyrightable. At this point, what has been said is an opinion. It is not yet law and may never be law. If it does become law, the tech industry is going to change in a big way. It will be for the worse, but that is only the conclusion. Continue reading


Dell Precision M3800 – Solid Machine

I like this review of the Dell Precision M3800. Well out of my price range, but I like the idea of the machine as configured. We will see Skylake in 2016 most likely for Ubuntu. The combination of the 3, Ubuntu, Intel Skylake, and this mobile workstation design will be pretty awesome.

Firefox Built-in Anti-Tracking Tech Speeds Up Web Browsing

Mozilla has put in some state-of-the-art, heavy-duty, anti-tracking technology in their web browser. VentureBeat report s it can speed up web browsing significantly by cutting out all the extra tracking. Their article explains the Mozilla technology quite well and I write about the potential for faster web browsing an article, Alternative to Web Advertising – What the Web Was in the Beginning. Mozilla needs to advertise this feature heavily. This one capability could substantially separate their browser from all others. As a solution that is better for data plans, speedy browsing, and safer web access, Mozilla may be on the right track.

Review of Advanced C and C++ Compiling

A program is a block of binary sequences. Nothing more and nothing less. Those sequences of binary patterns are contained in files that the hardware loads into electronic units. A much larger block of binary sequences have a say in what that program will do. The operating system. Compiling is more than using a tool to convert text source code into binary sequences. The program has to meet the standards of the operating system and connect with resources kept in other blocks of binary sequences. Milan Stevanovic wrote a book that shows the how and why of governing the way source code is converted to machine ready programs. Continue reading