Secure Linux Smartphone – Librem

Updates to Android phones are slow in coming to deal with the latest security blowout. Android is convenient, apps are plentiful, but the next big thing is actually better. The Librem smartphone is runs real Linux and that means a couple of things:

  1. End of Android homogeneity.
  2. Better web browsing.
  3. Real updates deposited real-time.
  4. A true, top class firewall built in.
  5. In-depth encryption with choice of encryption.
  6. An even broader range of apps since desktop level code can be brought into the fold.
  7. Corporate IT community can now weigh in on device configuration at a level that brings in their security expertise.
  8. A wider range of novel and sophisticated ways to secure the device.
  9. Potentially leaner, faster, and independently reviewed OS running the phone.
  10. Easier device backups.
  11. Easier data backups and data transfers.
  12. Removal of app data storage mysteries.
  13. Better screen profiles and screen resolution adjustments.
  14. An even more diverse and broader tech support ecosystem.
  15. More opportunity to service the phone and get replacement parts, repairs, and assistance.
  16. Tinkerers may include youths who, with the combo of Linux and open hardware, may grow to build their own device company.
  17. The option to totally opt out of apps and just have a clean, lean environment with just a secure web browser, talk, text, and web with a Tails like experience on power off.
  18. Innovation on OS config to create greater battery longevity.
  19. If you really like apps, the possibility to really optimize the phone around that experience.
  20. A better platform to converge through superb docking solutions.
  21. More likely far more than I can consider in one sitting.

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No Such Thing as Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Says We Need To Start Over … and I would go so far to repeat what others have said:

  1. What they call AI is primarily statistics
  2. The Human Brain is not a statistical machine, if a machine at all
  3. There is more to “essence”, observation, intent, and action than mere probability
  4. Percentages, ratios, and magnitudes a highly advanced system does not make
  5. Biology, consciousness, emotion, and perception are not reducible to binary … otherwise, they would have done it by now
  6. How can mechanized intelligence come from the same minds that can’t produce perfectly bug free, security flaw free software?
  7. AI is over-hyped mathematics paraded out as the next evolution of humanity, but no more descriptive of humanity’s potential than the quadrivium many centuries ago
  8. Ergo another delusion shrouding man’s innate desire to dominate nature only to be dominated by the quest itself without real results not to mention the hurricanes that periodically remind us of the futility of the former