HP Supercomputer in Space

SpaceX to launch most powerful computer ever sent to space station
that is apparently an advanced HP computer. Looks like they are using HP laptops up there too. Good to know the R&D into more advanced computing is continuing and it is surprising how the supercomputer form factor is evolving. Maybe some of that advanced computer engineering will pay off one day with better laptops and desktops including operating systems. HP has regained momentum in non-handheld computer hardware.

Bloated Apps … Sad Stuff

You may have looked at a list of updates on a phone and wondered Are App Sizes Out of Control? Well, a few have weighed in on the matter and do see growing app sizes as ridiculous. App bloat is unnecessary.

A lean, clean simple app is pleasant. Launches quickly. Barely a delay between splash screen and ready to use. An experience so smooth you don’t notice it.

Many apps today are quite the opposite. Bloated and slow is not a permanent state of affairs. The way apps are built can be so much better.

US Senate IoT Legislation

A group of US Senators Are Set To Introduce a Bill To Secure ‘Internet of Things’ which is an opportunity to emphasize processes that increase the odds of better security. The concept of having vendors not knowingly put out inferior solutions is a good start. Preferring open source is a recipe for advancing solutions more suited to verification. Such solutions benefit from a wider level of participation in technology R&D that strengthens the overall solutions adopted.