IKEA Demos Well Managed IT on 3,500 Linux Servers

An IT Manager for IKEA shows how a company who assists others in achieving streamlined living achieves this with their own systems.


Vulkan – Metal – DirectX / Making the Choice

Apple has really shaken things up with their Metal API for graphics. Basically, Apple has redrawn the graphics landscape. They may be the first company to make very high performance graphics standard across a line of laptops. The Adobe demo with continuous zoom on Illustrator is impressive as well as the 24 frames per sec in After Effects.

Graphics API Cross Roads

People writing apps with superb graphics handling will have to make some choices. Cross-platform tool kits like Unity, SFML, SDL, Unreal, Qt and others will provide adequate visual representation. However, the software solutions by the name of Metal, DirectX, or Vulkan offer new considerations. How do you choose? Continue reading

OPM Breach Insights and Lessons

A lot has been written on the OPM Breach. It is huge and possibly larger. The most important piece of information about the breach is how it was discovered. An assessment was being done on computer systems to add monitoring tools. That was when the breach was discovered. That is very, very important.

Breaches Everyday

Breach of systems are happening all the time. Not every system, but many systems out there are being breached. Most of the breaches occur without anyone’s knowledge. You have to actively look for activity indicative of a breach. You have to be able to recognize when a breach is occurring. The kind of intrusion detection that has to occur has to keep pace with the changes in technology. Continue reading

Linux Kernel 4 with EXT4 Crypto

Intel Skylake architecture will have stronger crypto capabilities right on the chip. Paired with Linux Kernel 4’s crypto on the file system you will gain a more solid overall crypto solution. Accelerated and higher bit SSL for online transactions and sensitive data transfer. Accelerated file system I/O using stronger crypto keys. Less latency in the transition between encrypted data in memory and disk. A great solution for the application programming interfaces would be to update I/O routines with a transparent bridge between cipher keys on disk (files) and memory (variables/streams). That could deliver the type of seamless crypto in those software applications that need it.