Gautier RSS – Sept. 30 – Streamlined

I took a different direction with the code for Gautier RSS earlier in September. I decided to reorganize the GUI in order to boost code clarity. A preview of how this code now looks is in the article, One Page C++14 GUI Tutorial. The rss reader has all of the same functions but the GUI code was cut to a fraction of the original size.

I kept all the SQL and XML code the same but I made it slightly less generic. Ironically, I did not introduce new data structures, but took the ones I had already defined and made their use more explicit. I was overusing std::map including maps of maps. That is useful for some solutions, but created less clarity. I still use std::map, but with more explicit structures for the elements. Continue reading


Decimation of ITT Tech

What lessons can we draw from the ITT Tech situation?

  • Depending on the type of chair you want to sit in, you need an expert carpenter, not a structural engineer.
  • When hiring computer programmers, you either hire “process-oriented” people who write or require many types of documentation and sign-offs to deliver traceable, manageable solutions or “results-leaning” people who routinely compress processes to arrive at solutions / fix earlier.
  • Many of the companies that do not want computer scientists (studying computation or systems characteristics) and research, want systems quickly built and practical automation.

A discussion follows:

    Teaching Computer Coding

    I am going to make a gross generalization. Actual, top coders, people who are accomplished software developers in industry and who have spent a number of years on tough systems assignments involving Facebook or Google level infrastructure and systems probably should be the ones teaching in the code camps.

    How can you teach software development targeting real-world situations if you don’t have real experience and insight into the day-to-day lessons of programming for others? Especially when it concerns solutions for small and mid-sized businesses versus established Fortune 500. The approach to cultivating software developers for the more common situations may need to be revised.