Hover Your Mouse – Get Infected

New Malware Downloader Can Infect PCs Without A Mouse Click. Once again, very convenient file interactive formats deliver malware. Technology may have to become primitive again to escape some of this.


Apple 2017 Releases – Very Impressive Gear

Apple announces a new speaker, iMac Pro and iOS 11. The Apple technology is truly superior end-user machines. Based on general descriptions, High Sierra will be very solid, clean and useful for doing things that matter. The iMac Pro is a dream of a machine and the incorporation of Amazon Video into Apple TV is icing on the Apple pie. With the new file system updates and across the board refresh of the machines, this time around, Apple has done an outstanding job.

Half Terabyte iPad Pro with great software for drag and drop better pencil capabilities: Apple Announces New 10.5-Inch iPad Pro With Narrower Side Bezels, 120Hz Refresh Rate Display. Later on, the 10th Anniversary iPhone will only propel expansion of Mac devices as Apple unleashes a hard to beat smartphone.

Flowcharts and Code Barely Mix Together

Is There a Way To Write Working Code By Drawing Flow Charts? The question is answered informally as yes, but the results are horrible. Generic flowcharts, UML diagrams and other specification tools are great ways to communicate with yourself and others about a process. Such representations however are not the best way to express the details or produce the intricate interactions within code. Really, it is the mind of the programmer that understands code and how a process is to be represented as such. Reasoned solutions do not come about by fully specified proofs, but through incremental refinement.