I spent enough time formulating real technology solutions for businesses that I grew a huge taste for commenting on technology. I have seen technology marketed well past its ability and I have seen less notable technology serve as the unsung hero. It does take time to know what is and is not good technology but despite the disappointments, many of us remain hopeful about technology’s capacity to transform lives for the better.

Technology Background

At a fundamental level, I know what it is to create software. I have known of computers beginning in the late 1980s. The IT department is a very familiar environment for me having spent about 15 years as a professional member of this business function. On other occasions, I have been a lead software developer in pure technology companies. As one who held a business analyst title for many years, I am accustomed to adjoining business strategy, information technology, operations, digital marketing, e-commerce, and the fortunes and pitfalls of technology. That is the general nature of my technology background.

That is a broad description. A detailed listing of the technologies I have worked with, professional or non-professional, since 1989 is available. Please refer to the Technology Industry Experience page for more details.


This particular blog’s focus is commentary rather than technology tutorial. I ponder questions about technology in general. Occasionally, I share my inquiries into technology on this blog. It is part of a general discussion about technology possibilities and observation. Another technology blog I maintain, MG Technology, deals more with technology projects, hardware, and software research of a more detailed and focused nature.


I do believe in an open source way. Not that you give everything away. Good judgment is key. Rather, what you share is an investment on the principle of long-term reciprocal gain of better knowledge, insights, and capabilities. The blog is a small molecule, not even a drop, in the vast ocean of the Web supporting that sense of awareness. Open source is a long-term perspective in which you have the vast leverage of the Web to accelerate and amplify change.

Michael Gautier - Nov. 1, 2015


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Technology Industry Experience | List of Tools and Technologies


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