Wolfram Language – The New Best Computer Language

Stephen Wolfram has introduced a new Computer Programming Language. It is not only super cool, but is ultra advanced. It is beyond anything presently available. I saw a video about the Wolfram Language. and the approach and results are tremendous. At the time I saw it, it stood as the most advanced and superbly impressive thing I had ever seen in computers in terms of programming language technology.

The person who led its creation is Stephen Wolfram, a bona-fide genius and world-class intellect. One of his well-known creations is Wolfram Alpha, a place you can go and get some advanced questions answered.

Regarding his computer language, I do not know if the claims he has made are entirely legit. I do judge it based on what I have seen him present. As I received the information, I could not avoid comparing it to what is established practice in computer programming languages. Here are my thoughts . . .