Intel i9 Coming Soon

Basically, a new top chip is coming. A desktop chip first, but we are likely to see a laptop version years later. Anyway, it is too expensive for most, but it could be a hit for gamers and professionals who could use more raw power in the teraflops range. Again, don’t do any online banking or sensitive stuff on this thing. However, for creating stuff, doing models, and a wide raft of calculations, this could be useful.


HP Enterprise – The Machine 2017 Prototype

HP’s computer vision continues to unfold in their development of The Machine. The device sounds promising and useful. At 100,000ft level, it is the evolution of the mainframe but with more performance. A big machine to consolidate more computing into a smaller physical footprint. Based on what I’ve read so far, it seems more a computing architecture for the business environment rather than general purpose computers everywhere. That’s ok. If the machine is more affordable than a mainframe, it will be a welcome addition to the data center.

Mobile E-mail is Unreliable

I’ve noticed something about online mail that use fancy JavaScript. The messages don’t always show up instantly. I’ve seen this on a number of occasions but sometimes the matter is critical and relying on mobile e-mail can be a huge mistake. The technology can be highly unreliable when the stakes are high.

Recently, I needed notification of my mom’s health issues and the email from my sister did not show up immediately on mobile email app. I didn’t see anything until late the next day. I didn’t consider this until in the same general time period, I tried to do an account reset by email. I sat there, waiting for the reset message to show up. It didn’t. Minutes passed, and it looked like the message wasn’t there, but it was. This weekend, I just kept pressing submit. I couldn’t understand why the messages were not coming in. Admittedly, I wasn’t thinking straight. Today, with a clearer head, I switched off the fancy JavaScript while on a regular computer and the email was finally revealed. You will not believe how I felt.

This is not the first time this has happened, but this time was serious. The technology failed. Can I say this happens consistently? No, but it does happen. In the name of caching, in the name of saving bandwidth, in the name of smooth user experience, there are times when this stuff just utterly fails.

Apple Bringing Advanced Manufacturing to the United States

The Industrial Era never ended. People simply stopped talking about it. Advanced Manufacturing is a major industry focus of the future … for all first-world and on their way to first-world nations. Part of a nation’s prosperity resides in building physical stuff, selling the physical stuff to other nations, and bringing revenue back to the nation. That means each nation will have a niche, a particular spin on a product category. Every major nation could make Televisions, but each one is going to put their particular spin on it and that will appeal to a given audience. Advanced manufacturing is how that situation goes from companies making adequate products to making really good products.

A leading company in this direction is Apple. They have pledged $1 Billion to Toward Creating Manufacturing Jobs In US. The electronics they make will only get better. The approach they take to ramping up quality, will only get better. Advanced manufacturing is a significant step in making that happen. The CEO of Apple as a good vision for expanding advanced manufacturing in the US and the investment will be much needed. Not everything can be automated down to the last detail. People are needed in many areas once thought destined to be conquered by IT systems. The application of good systems helps the process, but for overall success, people makes it happen.