True Custom Computers are Back

Ask anyone in the 1990s or today about a custom computer and most will say the same thing. You take a motherboard, an Intel or AMD processor, memory chips, hard drive, power supply, optical drive and you snap them onto the motherboard and you have a custom computer. You can get custom computer kits from various suppliers in order to create a homebuilt computer for personal, home use or gaming. This build process proceeds at a larger scale such as when companies like Synnex builds custom computers for organizations in the same league as the likes of Facebook, Google, and An article on looks at this phenomenon of big cloud companies building their own custom computers rather than ordering them from DELL, HP, or IBM. Continue reading


Ubuntu 14.04 is the Smoothest Install Ever

I didn’t not know if I was going to update from 12.04 to 14.04 on the day of release. I read a nice article on Ars Technica, posted my own thoughts about it and after about an hour of thought, I decided to go ahead and try it. Well, I am glad I did. The install went very well. Here is how and what:
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Software Laws Control Economic Destiny

A clear mechanism exist that control the opportunity to advance. Economic circulation is the movement of money throughout society. The more people with more money the more those people can build and maintain a better living situation. This, is the promise of the civilized economy. It is threatened when we embrace artificial scarcity in the raw input of creation. The Innovation Act under consideration may attempt to address this situation of artificial scarcity in software technology creation. However, it seems that some oppose the Innovation Act. I oppose their opposition and stand with those that would abolish software patents. Continue reading