Extended Review of Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL Book

When you approach database technology today, several options exist. Understanding the better ways to apply a specific form of database technology can help you use that technology to greater effect. The road to getting there is the first task. I am one of those who have knowledge, education, and experience in database technology of a specific kind (Oracle and SQL Server). Persons already predisposed to database technology can take a new relational database and explore it quickly. However, there is a limit to knowledge and experience as certain assumptions do not cross over from one form of a technology to another. Continue reading


Why You Might Avoid PostgreSQL

You should use PostgreSQL. The technology is open source, can live forever, can give you greater control over how you apply databases. Avoid it however it you are a pure Microsoft or a pure Oracle environment. You get better integration with SQL Server and Oracle. MySQL has great support in PHP. Otherwise, if you are off the beaten path technologically, PostgreSQL would be a great option.

The Gap Between Standard and Scientific/Engineering Computing

Much is said in industry trade journals about Big Data and Business Intelligence. Companies and various organizations would like to take the information accumulated in databases and make better sense of it. Often times you will see in the published conversation about these things about the desire to unearth new insights and build on information to better manage operations, save costs, limit waste, and enrich products and solutions. One of the ways to realize these goals is through data technology and the skills that goes with it. Continue reading

Exploring PostgreSQL

Recently, someone asked if I could show them something about databases. Nearly all of my professional work involved Microsoft SQL Server on Windows and I was not setup on my home computer for this. I thought, this might be a good time to save the effort of setting up a virtual machine to run Windows and instead see how well I could get into the use of PostgreSQL on my Ubuntu environment. Below are the results of my exploration. Continue reading