Fedora 26 Runs Quite Fast on Same Hardware

I did an in-place upgrade from Fedora 25 to Fedora 26. I didn’t expect much as I originally upgraded from Fedora 24 to version 25. What I noticed however was the performance. Programs and windows seem to open much faster, smoother. The apparent optimizations in this version of Fedora is quite stunning. Obviously, the people who worked on this version went quite far to optimize the overall performance. Overall, this is a fast and highly stable build of Fedora.

Silicon Valley Sexism and Non-Disparagement Agreements

The answer to, Why sexism has festered for so long in Silicon Valley involves the rise of non-disparagement agreements. Like their sister agreements such as Non-Disclosure, Intellectual Property Assignment and other such agreements, the all have the effect of inducing people to inhibit how they express themselves beyond reason. These agreements modify a person’s legal exercise greatly in favor of stockholders. Signing your name to the s document effectively suppresses your natural legal rights, in some cases, forever.

Students go through school and one of the subjects they are taught is civics. The implied message is how fair the system is and how a great country declared inalienable rights for all. Then, these students join the work world and one their first acts upon getting hired is to sign away all those rights. What kind of messed up stuff is that?

Women are minorities are told about the boundless possibilities in life. Encouraged to pursue STEM careers. Put through the machine of education that churns out young people destined to swear the written equivalent of a lifetime oath to commit all who they are, rights included, to …

Sexism is widespread in Silicon Valley. It is not just the harrasment, but a sense that only a certain sect of society has credibility in producing the good stuff. A result that does derive, in part, from the socialization of women and minorities into a more refined docile and deferential state of expression. As such, then such expression feed the predatory instincts of those seeing an opportunity to gain even more from those likely to remain silent.

Congrats John McAfee on Regaining His Name

I met John McAfee two months ago and found him to be an approachable, down-to-earth person. He’s cool. I took a photo with him. Since the picture was taken in a work setting I am reticent to post it. Suffice it to say, it was good to meet John and his wife. He briefly mentioned his lament regarding the legalities around his name. I can relate to his sentiments regarding ownership issues in the realm of technology. The news that John McAfee Can Finally Use His Own Name Again, is very pleasant as names should not be locked down like that. Much success to John in his future endeavors. The change in the status surrounding his name is great news indeed.

Apple 2017 Releases – Very Impressive Gear

Apple announces a new speaker, iMac Pro and iOS 11. The Apple technology is truly superior end-user machines. Based on general descriptions, High Sierra will be very solid, clean and useful for doing things that matter. The iMac Pro is a dream of a machine and the incorporation of Amazon Video into Apple TV is icing on the Apple pie. With the new file system updates and across the board refresh of the machines, this time around, Apple has done an outstanding job.

Half Terabyte iPad Pro with great software for drag and drop better pencil capabilities: Apple Announces New 10.5-Inch iPad Pro With Narrower Side Bezels, 120Hz Refresh Rate Display. Later on, the 10th Anniversary iPhone will only propel expansion of Mac devices as Apple unleashes a hard to beat smartphone.

Flowcharts and Code Barely Mix Together

Is There a Way To Write Working Code By Drawing Flow Charts? The question is answered informally as yes, but the results are horrible. Generic flowcharts, UML diagrams and other specification tools are great ways to communicate with yourself and others about a process. Such representations however are not the best way to express the details or produce the intricate interactions within code. Really, it is the mind of the programmer that understands code and how a process is to be represented as such. Reasoned solutions do not come about by fully specified proofs, but through incremental refinement.