On Ending Non-Competes

Saw an article on VentureBeat about ending non-competes. I agree with basic outline. Besides, Trade Secret provisions already cover the core ground necessary for critical, hard to replicate, never publicly disclosed, unique investments in solutions and processes. Surely, free mobility is part of the social contract.  Continue reading


Software Laws Control Economic Destiny

A clear mechanism exist that control the opportunity to advance. Economic circulation is the movement of money throughout society. The more people with more money the more those people can build and maintain a better living situation. This, is the promise of the civilized economy. It is threatened when we embrace artificial scarcity in the raw input of creation. The Innovation Act under consideration may attempt to address this situation of artificial scarcity in software technology creation. However, it seems that some oppose the Innovation Act. I oppose their opposition and stand with those that would abolish software patents. Continue reading

Codes are the Truth for Digital Security

Many problems exist with Internet and computer technology regarding trust and security. Given all the details that have come out in 2013 about security breaches with the Internet, Web, E-mail, and Cloud technologies, there is a question that might be on the minds on a good number of people. How can we trust this stuff? Today, we will talk about some solutions. Continue reading

Analyze Computers To Use Them Right

Paper is longer lived and can be more reliable than computer technology. The paperless office was supposed to save money, but the cost was hidden. The true cost exists in energy use, metals and plastics, and all the infrastructure for technology. Far more than is the case for paper. On the other hand, computers are immensely more convenient in many areas versus paper. Technology does not have to be accepted at face value but considered in the broader context of goals and acceptable costs.

California Encryption Law for Secure Consumer Info

It has been mentioned that the State of California may pursue encryption requirements for computer technology. I believe this is intended for the protection of consumer information. The benefit of this occurring in California is that is where most of the high-profile Internet companies are based. Any guidance that applies to California in terms of technology will have the most significant impact in terms of computers and the Internet. Under the effective leadership of California Attorney General Kamala Harris, the nation’s users of computer services over the Web stand to benefit greatly. Continue reading

A Reliable Tech Society

A casualty of easy access to technology is that certain engineering principles may be unavailable to produce outputs that are sustainable and reliable. The pace of technology is accelerating and will become more widely available and easier to apply. As this occurs, a useful challenge exists in making sure the tools that streamline the translation of ideas into reality does so with greater quality.