Gautier RSS Update – UX Module Comments

Code comments for the user interface are now available in the latest github update. Compared to the rest of this C++ program, the user interface contains the most code, parts, and interactions. The code comments describe various parts of the user interface in terms of relationship to other parts and basic decisions on things like pointers. The user interface uses GTK+ by way of GTKMM and the way I applied GTK+ is implied in the comments. Like the rest of the program, the user interface and was 100% put together without an IDE or any visual tools except a plain text editor in the form of gedit. I did however use notebook paper and an ink-pen to design various parts. The version of the program I use I compiled with gcc and debugged with gdb.

An article is coming that summarizes the 9 years I spent on a journey that led to this program.


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