Gautier RSS – Valgrind Evaluation

A good part of my day was destroyed trying to get this blog post published. However, I persisted despite usual problems with Internet connectivity. The rss reader program is written in C++ and in the vein of contemporary views on the language, I have avoided raw pointers at the application level but not everywhere. The core API for the rss reader barely used pointers but did so in 2 or 3 places. The user interface layer used them quite a bit more.

The July 21 update posted to github cleans up the raw pointers a bit. In 2 out of the 3 API classes where they were used, I removed them from 2 classes. Now all of the rss reader API operates without pointers except for the http class. The http class use raw malloc for libcurl and that is it.

The user interface is unchanged but when the user interface shuts down, the pointers are cleaned up in a class destructor. The summary Valgrind report is shown below. I followed up with a full check and most of the issues that remain reside in the external API such as GTK, pango, and a few others. However, I am sure they accounted for their use of pointers.


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