Aftermath Net Neutrality Removal Legislation – Ultra Slow Mobile Internet

In the weeks following the destruction of Net Neutrality, you will find more periods when mobile Internet slows to a crawl. How do we get to the point in which bandwidth is more often below 1Mb/s? Everything slows so much that the rare occasions when you have 1.2 – 1.5 Mb/s is sadly cause for excitement. The continued slowdown of mobile Internet almost makes the mobile Web useless. Almost … possibly and exaggeration in terms.

Example … 3kB/s – 16kB/s and then it just stalls for minutes.

Keep turning off and turning on mobile data and it sometimes speeds up before slowing down. I’ve gone through similar things with other wireless carriers in the past but after Net Neutrality Repeal it seems much worse. It does make you wish for real competition in the wireless communications … but we are all stuck with this sad state of affairs.

Can’t even log in to the web page to post this article.

The web browser just stalls with a blank page until you try again and again and again. It does make me angry. Makes me mad to spend years of my life dealing with erratic Internet service from a mobile phone. It is just sad.

What is even more sad than that is the hoops you sometimes have to jump through just to use basic Internet. While I was writing this, I had to get up from the comfortable setting I was in, throw the laptop and the mobile device in the car, drive down the street to an open field just to get faster internet. Sitting in a hot car (because the AC ain’t that good) just to finally move from 10% on updates (despite multiple retries, stuck there for 20 minutes) to 100% in a faster time (less than 2 minutes). No wonder people have such low satisfaction in wireless technology despite feeling obligated to use the crap because nothing else is allowed to rise in its place.


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