Gautier RSS 100%

The last update had issues pulling content from site web content delivered over SSL. I solved the problem by switching away from POCO C++ libraries as far as the web content download. In its place, I fully embraced cURL. The implementation of cURL I use is the primary one written in the C language instead of C++. The cURL website at has links to fully fledged examples that are vetted and ready to go.

The transition was smooth with 0 debugging or adjustment needed. Now rss feeds are retrieved consistently with a cross platform network communication library that works everywhere. I actually did not use the website itself. Instead, the website had a pdf document titled, Everything cURL. That is a very handy reference that had literally everything I was looking for in terms of API functions I needed to call and ways to do it. In any event, the 7/12/2018 commit to github has the final version of Gautier RSS for the desktop designed in theory to work on Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Later versions will be the usual cosmetic adjustments in terms of how the code is structured and visualized information on screen. I will eventually seek to update the use of cURL with the C++ version to keep things consistent. After some more testing, I will see packaging the rss reader for inclusion in mainstream Linux repositories at a minimum. This was a long running project spanning several years, but it is good to have finally arrive at this milestone.


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