Gautier RSS using gtkmm 3.0 – IV

The rss program now uses WebKit. One of the advantages of using GTK+ (I am using the gtkmm wrapper via C++) is WebKitGTK+ merges in very well. This is the web browser technology foundation originally in Google Chrome and Apple Safari. I didn’t really care about that however. What is useful is the integration with GTK+ and the ability to present web pages accurately. The June 7, 2018 version of Gautier RSS now shows web content within the program. When you click on an article headline, the web page related to that headline is shown at the bottom.

In terms of general capabilities, the program, Gautier RSS is done. I was able to cover more ground with GTK+ through the gtkmm wrapper in C++ to reach this point. Continued efforts will be to polish and refine this program. The program is stable and is usable as is. Yet, one goal is to reduce network calls to maybe once an hour. Providers of RSS feeds tend to frown on too frequent access to the same feed and an RSS program is not truly ready until the feeds accesses are kept only to the minimum needed to build headlines.


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