Gautier RSS using gtkmm 3.0 – II

New update with the feed buttons added along the bottom. This is my first time using gtkmm and so there wer quite a few nuances I did not understand. I went in circles for a bit until one of the main aspects of the platform dawned on me. One of them being use of the show() function. I read about it, but disregarded it thinking the single call of show_all() was sufficient (it is not). Forgetting to call show() whenever I removed and replaced visual widgets led to many issues. With the minor stuff out of the way, the screen is now working 80%. The last piece of functionality is near.

The layout is final. A few matters to address will be the styling of the headlines section (it is functional however), work out the content section (show details instead of summary). Later, I will port over the feed save function from the previous version and a few other details. The near term goal is to have the program find its way to the Fedora repository and the repositories of a few other Linux distributions. Afterwards, see if gtkmm can be applied to Android mobile.


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