The Future Generation – A Message from 2018

People of the future, know that you have it good. You can take your telephone to class and play games on it and keep in touch with friends and family with ease. Information, connectivity, and good equipment is loaded on your ride. You have grown up in a world that seems more seamless and complete. Know that it was not always like this. A time existed in which none of these things existed. As a result, your environment, conditions, and conceptual dimension is so different that, by extension, you are completely different people. Most people you meet born before 1992 will not fully relate to your sense of the world. The standards by which you were informed differ quite a bit from one who grew up in the last century.

Basic fears and desires are the same. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs applies across people’s, groups, and times. However, what some of us feared in the form of a Brave New World may be a totally acceptable and necessary reality in your view. Joel Barker predicted many things that have come to pass in his book, Five Regions of the Future. You may want to take a glance to see how much of your present reality was predetermined to some extent. Does it matter? If the future is good. Maybe not. If the future is less than stellar, consider looking into the past as the ground for reset.


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