Google Chrome File Scanning Not a Good Idea

Looks like Google is scanning files. The intentions are good, but the actual merger of malware scanning into a Web browser is not a good idea. A browser will never be fully competent at this even with the licensed technology from an established and mature Internet Security company like ESET (which I like their stuff). The security problem has to be solved primarily with white listing. Also, non-Android and non-ChromeOS, non-Fushia operating system malware protection is not Google’s problem. It’s Micrsoft’s and Apple’s. In fact, no one is going to know as much about security of an operating system as those who make that operating system. If browsing the web on Windows is insecure and that is an issue for Chrome users, they can switch to an operating system less plagued by those issues. Yet, even if the home computer becomes more secure, business computers still have issues when it comes to financial data. I like Chrome, ChromeOS, and Android but while I do not think they should be punished in Oracle vs. Google, I do think we need something besides Google for a variety of solutions. Competent alternatives are in severe short supply. We need be better privacy. We can have transparency ala Star Trek in computer technology and still have informed consent and explicit opt-in.


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