Apple On ARM64 – Speculation

The rumors about Apple making their own chips to run the Macbook seems to be false. Yet, if they turn out to be true, it will likely extend the life of computers from a security concern standpoint. Influential tech people have doubts about computers as far as security in light of the Intel fallout over Spectre and Meltdown as well as Management Engine issues. Apple as a platform could alleviate some of those concerns with their greater emphasis on security. Whether Apple and Microsoft can stave of a computer industry crash from the Google vs. Oracle fight is another matter. Even if the industry survives in the form of a near miss if the case is dismissed, security concerns still remain.

Apple designing and using their own chip for the main computer could be a fresh start, a solid reboot in an industry plagued by incompetence in terms of data security. None of us have great answers regarding the current tools and hardware. Writing truly secure code on an Intel/AMD platform seems elusive. Books have been written on secure coding and secure computer administration. Certainly, many individuals have applied best practice to no avail in the data privacy and data breach situations. We just hope those businesses we do use who have not been breached are doing something right but that trust is getting shakier every day.

Microsoft is reportedly following suit with Windows for ARM. They tried it once 6 years ago and it flopped but with the popularity of Windows 10, they may give it another shot. The switch, if it happens is not due to occur until 2020 in either case. Many of us writing about this will be too old by society’s standards to really care when it goes into full swing as we will be on our way out. Depending on our situation, we will comment but ultimately have little invested in the trend to come. Will all this work or evolve into more of the same? No way to know fully now, but for sure, it will breath new enthusiasm and trust into the computers, digital networks, and connectivity. The same game played again? Who knows. Yet, given Apple’s track record, they seem to be the surest bet.


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