RSS Reader UI Update – Mar. 18, 2018

I found an hour to work on this. The last month and a half was very busy. Yesterday was balanced enough that the space and time became available to consider the next steps on this project. Little bits at a time, an hour here or 4 hours there, occasionally a day or 2 once in a while since 2013. You would be forgiven for thinking that if I worked on this full-time, that I would make more progress. I don’t think so. The gaps in time ironically have been useful. The goal is less about completion and more about the best way to represent the solution. About 2 or 3 completed versions of this program before this one and this project is focused more on mobile/desktop convergence. It is getting close.

The keyboard collection process is where I stopped a month and a half ago. I took the time yesterday to think about what is the best way to continue with the refinement of the keyboard collection process. That is another way of saying what does the program do when you type text into a text field. If the software was produced in a more contemporary way, I could use a separate thread. I decided that there is an advantage to having this particular user interface do everything in a single thread. The latest update on GitHub now has the core keyboard capture functionality implemented.

The next stage is to refine the visual representation around keyboard entry.


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