RSS Reader – MLK Week

I am grateful for Martin Luther King and the struggle that created opportunities for people to work without thought of impairment in a global digital community. On the web, our voices are sometimes disembodied from our actual person but I am mindful that the chance to give voice to our dreams, plans, thoughts, and contributions exist in a very real world. That world, without the changes from the Civil Rights Movement, would exclude certain persons from even the act of participating in the digital commons. I am thankful for those that fought the good fight that imparted to the rest of us a greater measure of liberty.

A new update to the RSS Reader is available in the form of revised C++ source code. This version, when compiled on Fedora Linux Workstation 26 handles switching between feeds when you click on the feed’s name in the form of a button. Also, the enlarge/shrink button works. It is all done by detecting the x/y position of the mouse combined with mouse click at a given coordinate to trigger the appropriate functionality. I elected to withhold a screen shot since the screen appearance is the same as the previous update.

Two final pieces of graphics functionality remains to be implemented. Text entry and scrolling. The next update will likely emphasize text entry in which new feed names and their associated web addresses can be entered. The graphics update goal with text entry is to define a text input from scratch that handles text keying into a text field in the customary way. I have done the design on paper and will set it up as time allows. Scrolling will be the last major piece of graphics functionality with a goal to do so in a cleaner way than earlier versions.


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