RSS Reader – 12/29/2017 – Final Functionality

The final piece of functionality for the RSS reader is in place. New feeds can be added to the data file that supports the program. New RSS feed name / web address combinations are added to the data file when the Update button is clicked. In this version, the new feed/rss address location doesn’t take effect until the program is re-launched. A future version will update the bottom bar of buttons upon acceptance of the added feed name/address combination. Although it is late in coming, better late than never. Due to general scheduling issues and other matters, it has taken a year and 2 months to reach this point with essentially 2 – 3 months of work spread across 14 months. However, the time has been useful as it gave me an chance to think more about desktop / mobile convergence, 4K screens (and higher resolutions), and whether or not to continue the effort. The answer to that latter concern is yes. The reasons for pursuing this project hasn’t changed since the time I started the quest in Sept./Oct. 2012 and wrote about in Feb. 2013. More to come in 2018.


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