RSS Reader 12/1/2017

Earlier iterations of the rss reader had a traditional Windows UI design. I decided to shift the design in a direction that could work on both desktop and mobile. I started out with a hand drawn design on paper that I then worked into a digital format. The result is the following in-progress version of the user interface.

Desktop/Mobile RSS Reader UI In-Progress

UI Graph

Henrik Vogelius Hansson and Jan Haller wrote a solid book titled, SFML Game Development. They demonstrate a useful way to organize user interface software code in C++. At the time, I wasn’t as warm to their approach, but I decided their approach is useful. Unlike what they showed in that book, I am not using a full on graph algorithm for the user interface, but I may be headed in that direction. I decided that MVC or, Model-View-Controller, while useful for highly standardized corporate style projects is not the approach for me in building my own user interfaces. Anyway, the rough form of the above user interface is defined as follows:

Iterative UI Development

The first iteration included nothing more than a orange band across the screen at the top. Next, I gradually brought in FLTK widgets.

6 Iterations

After about 6 iterations on the essential form of the code, the image at the beginning of the page was more or less established.

Iteration 1

Iteration 2

Iteration 3

Iteration 4

Iteration 5

GitHub Commit

The commit for the final iteration described can be found on GitHub.


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