Slashdot Technology Posts of Interest 9/15/2017

A few good posts about developments in technology this week …

Apple’s A11 Bionic Chip In iPhone 8 and iPhone X Smokes Android Handsets In Early Benchmarks

A microchip the size of the A11 that can handle sophisticated computations, animations, and graphics in a small form factor is impressive engineering.

Mobile hardware has come quite far despite the similar muted progress of mobile software overall.

The iPhone Is Guaranteed To Last Only One Year, Apple Argues In Court

Interesting questions arise about how long something should last or be expected to last and whether or not a 1 year warranty is the best time frame for a warranty

The Father of Mobile Computing Is Not Impressed

Brings to mind the meme, “did all we get is just 140 characters?”

Java EE Is Moving To the Eclipse Foundation

The debate will possibly open up again on Java as the leading managed code programming language as legal encumbrances dissipate.

This will be interesting turn for programming once things settle down. Now … if Eclipse could just make a good IDE, then maybe this would be a suitable replacement for Visual Studio.

Google Publicly Releases Internal Developer Documentation Style Guide

Now, you too can write good documentation in a publicly acceptable, contemporary style. I plan to use this in many areas.



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