Gautier RSS 2.0 Now 4k/8k Monitor Ready

The 2.0 version of Gautier RSS from 7/2016 – 9/2016 can now display text in a manner suitable for a 4k/8k monitor/TV. The main problems with FLTK regarding higher resolution graphics displays are fixed in version 1.3.4 as noted on their website. I applied font scaling algorithm from Microsoft to the Gautier RSS 2.0 program and when combined with the improvements in FLTK, the text renders properly where it did not a year ago. The enhancement now confirms FLTK as the right approach and now I can move the project forward without too much distraction. The detour with Allegro was very useful and now the two versions can be selectively merged as the lessons learned from applying Allegro, POCO C++ libraries can be fused into a new version that is better styled, more robust, and perhaps reflects a good, practical cross-section of functionality that works across platforms. The source code updates are in the GitHub repository for version 2 along with a snapshot of an executable compatible with Fedora 26 64-bit.

Version 3 will have the same functionality but further enhanced in terms of code structure and approach. The RSS download engine from version 3 in progress will be used instead of the one from version 2. The new version 3 engine has been tested and works independently as a command-line version. The shared library version from version 3 will be incorporated into the GUI definition from version 2 subsequent to improving the GUI definition. Another goal is to use the POCO C++ libraries for the sqlite interface to maintain accumulated article headlines and content.


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