Java Open Source II – EE is to Be Free

Java was quite open 10 or so years ago. Given that Oracle Now Wants To Give Java EE to an Open Source Foundation, Java may enter a second era of openness. That would fill a huge hole in the area of convenient to use, cross-platform enterprise development technology. Much good can come of making Java so open as to have it occupy a premier place among the uppermost tier of open source programming languages.

Vast developer audiences use Java. It is fundamental to ChromeBooks, Android phones, tablets, wearable devices, and enterprise software systems in many cases. The re-introduction of Java into a fully open context would expand its adoption in the enterprise and increase confidence in its longevity.

Thanks goes to Oracle for restoring hope in the prospects for Java. This could become a trigger for the growth in ChromeBook Plus machines running Android apps. Likewise, developers in the enterprise may confidently embrace APIs that are long-term in nature with higher design stability.


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