2 Factor Lockout – Blocked Access is only Two Steps Away

Although it is possible for someone else to go into your email, as the political events of 2016 has shown, the push for better account security never ends. Recent developments show Google To Replace SMS Codes With Mobile Prompts in 2-Step-Verification Procedure. The latest info is that your phone # can be hacked, quietly, and it would be easy for others to compromise the SS7 system that handles phone calls and text messages. While it seems 2 Factor Verification where you get a text message access code to your account when you log in seems more secure, in reality, that may be an illusion of security. Anyway, I thought about that as I failed to get access to the LinkedIn account under my name. I no longer had the phone # I used for 2 Factor Verification and LinkedIn wanted a digital scanned copy of an ID or signed affidavit. Crazy stuff. Anyway, I decided I didn’t need LinkedIn any longer as I reflected on the concept of lost access to a social media page I worked on for many, many years. The dangers of floating around digital copies of an ID or signature can be much greater than the leisurely activity of participating in social media. As to login security, surely the greatest minds in Tech can solve this more effectively. There has got to be a better way …


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