Silicon Valley Sexism and Non-Disparagement Agreements

The answer to, Why sexism has festered for so long in Silicon Valley involves the rise of non-disparagement agreements. Like their sister agreements such as Non-Disclosure, Intellectual Property Assignment and other such agreements, the all have the effect of inducing people to inhibit how they express themselves beyond reason. These agreements modify a person’s legal exercise greatly in favor of stockholders. Signing your name to the s document effectively suppresses your natural legal rights, in some cases, forever.

Students go through school and one of the subjects they are taught is civics. The implied message is how fair the system is and how a great country declared inalienable rights for all. Then, these students join the work world and one their first acts upon getting hired is to sign away all those rights. What kind of messed up stuff is that?

Women are minorities are told about the boundless possibilities in life. Encouraged to pursue STEM careers. Put through the machine of education that churns out young people destined to swear the written equivalent of a lifetime oath to commit all who they are, rights included, to …

Sexism is widespread in Silicon Valley. It is not just the harrasment, but a sense that only a certain sect of society has credibility in producing the good stuff. A result that does derive, in part, from the socialization of women and minorities into a more refined docile and deferential state of expression. As such, then such expression feed the predatory instincts of those seeing an opportunity to gain even more from those likely to remain silent.


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