Gautier Rss Reader – Allegro 5 C++ 2016 on GitHub

The final 2016 version of the Rss Reader is on GitHub. The following screen is little changed from the last version. The main update is to apply multiple lines to the details section after you click on a headline. I added a call to al_draw_multiline_text into the process based on a flag set at the application level. When you go to GitHub, you can browse and/or download the full source code and build script. See previous articles on the subject for context.

The following is the current GUI output on a 4K screen. As you can see, the font rendering is excellent with no changes to system settings.

Gautier Rss Reader 2016 Edition


If you build the program on Linux using the command-line, your build output may appear as follows. I also show a file listing that notes the minimum files created/used by the program and their file sizes.

Gautier RSS Reader 2016 Edition Makefile Build for C++ 14

On GitHub, Gautier Rss Reader 2, defined in C++, compiled to the C++ 14 specification using Allegro 5 graphics, sqlite3 embedded db, and libxml2 to download feeds and parse them before assigning entries into C++ Standard Library containers such as map and vector.