Apple Macbook Beyond

MacBooks introduced on 10/27/2016 are quite distinct. I read through the information page on Apple’s website describing the laptops. The page showed in substantive detail the various improvements.

More colors in the displays. A much better use of touch technology versus touch on Windows. Compelling hardware design and features cleverly presented through software. After taking it all in and comparing the overall package to laptops past and present, even those with newer processors, one thing became clear to me.

This is a true UNIX workstation, highly polished from bow to stern and everywhere in between. Without a doubt, this is the finest laptop of the last few years. Nothing is better.

Apple exceeded expectations. If everyone switched to these laptops, that would create an interesting opportunity. Yet, they are still outside the budgetary preferences of many. Nevertheless, the most awesome laptop unequaled in overall concept, execution, and quality.


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