2017 IT Downsize

HP is cutting jobs and that has people thinking about the viability of the tech sector. An economic downturn may be on the horizon. Maybe. Now, looking at the layoffs that have occurred over the last few years, it appears they portend product saturation in some categories and lowered interest in other cases. Many other causes of layoffs and expected downturn apply.

The safest job in IT is the network admin. Difficult to outsource this position when the network is actually down. Who’s going to remote in?

The second safest job in IT is the help desk. Not all positions but at some point, mailing in broken equipment onlygoes so far. Some things require onsite assistance.

The rest is truly up in the air. Opportunities exist, but they seem increasingly specialized. A workable combination is SME skills in one or more business and operational disciplines along with the ability to integrate solutions well.

Anyway, the next year to 3 years will be carefully observed.



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