Army Special Operations Command Ditching Android For iPhone, Says Report – Slashdot … this definitely seems to be a good decision. After years of informal and some professional observation of the technology platforms, Apple is just a better deal overall. The marketing hides the fact that the technology is more consistent, focused, and thoroughly conceived. 

I have Android devices. They cost less but every Android device I got has battery issues, web connectivity issues, and doesn’t function as smooth as Apple devices. Most apps on Apple are native while most of Android is Java. Java the programming language is more popular, but that hasn’t delivered better quality. Just a lot of “fail fast” scenarios that annoy with constant app updates and evenly distributed glitches.

In a critical scenarios such as those faced by SOCOM, you need the opposite of what Android typically delivers. The term is safety critical software. Books are written on it. NASA and the FAA has articles on the web about it. Critical, demanding software and native code often go hand-in-hand.


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