Tech Hippies No More

Major tech companies are facing a huge temptation. Some have crossed over or are near to 1 trillion dollars in accumulated revenue. Such a vast amount of money substantially changes their relationship to government, customers, and society in general. Such wealth is an invitation to change the structure and definition of society at large.

Near term, politically, it means backing candidates most aligned with policies that will result in the preservation of such huge wealth. With so much money at stake, the influence and other conditions that accompany it, things will not be as they seem. Liberals will support Conservatives and Conservatives will support Liberals. Those not in the inner circle will have little sense of what it really means. Future leaders will truly represent elite wealth, some of whom came from humble origins in the field of computer technology.

Be careful with the technology and tech guidance from some of these organizations. Many of the offerings set in such a way that you t really have full governance over the way you apply the technology. A continuous parade of new offerings lacking sufficient value or be so worthy a solution as to truly advance your efforts. Partly, a solution defined in such a way as to inhibit your ability to drive more of your destiny through greater leverage of the tech in such a way as to have solutions comparable to what these organizations offer in the first insrance. Be careful what you use or embrace. You end up in a circular path with the illusion of growth.

The other development we are seeing is the maturation of the enterprises so engaged. Like many, they were inspired by themes from popular media of the past. Flying cars, self driving cars, automation replacing people in industries, and doing wondrous things. Underwritten by science and technology. The enthusiasm of young start-up founders gives way in later years the hard reality that several of these ideas take vast patience and time. Utopian rhetoric begins to decline as the chief representatives of digital technology in the public eye begin to resemble Industrial Era leaders in a contemporary form. Involvement in lobbying, very corporate structures used and so on. Necessary, but a ways away from the essential image of unconventional bearers of the tools of  unification aligned with humanistic values.

One day people will ask what happened. A commonly agreed upon answer will not exist. Can you go big and still be true to your original self or is settling into the modes of operation expressed by past barons of industry inevitable?


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