Windows 10 Summer Update to Have a Linux System Built-in

Microsoft is morphing the backend of Windows to incorporate Linux features and concepts. These capabilities will not be on by default, but it will be possible to turn them on. Once that is done, it will be possible to apply one’s fluency in Linux to the Windows environment. The pure Microsoft Way is gone for good in the future renditions of Windows technology. With the announcement of SQL Server for Linux, and other announcements over the past year, we are seeing the slow morph of Windows into Microsoft Linux. Good to see a unification of information systems technologies. Maybe. What it really means is there is command-line and technology portability from Windows desktops (that people find easier to use) to backend cloud and infrastructure systems running on Linux (that the technically adept find better to use). That could create efficiencies. I think the momentum though will still be in the direction of Apple computers for end-users however, but this shift at Microsoft could be a boon if addressed well. By the way, Microsoft has already gone to the cloud with Azure and Office 365 and other things. Made all the more apparent when Microsoft hired Wim Coekaerts as Corp VP of Open Source. He led the Oracle Linux effort at Oracle. Now he is at Microsoft. Cloud is a greater revenue generator than desktop operating systems. Since Linux powers the cloud, this is a smart move that will create more mind share in their cloud offerings versus others by going away from closed proprietary software to fully open software technologies. Microsoft has embraced the business model of the future.


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