Eugene Kaspersky Notes Computers are Insecure by Design

NCSC One is a conference that has topics including those involving computer security. Eugene Kaspersky is said to have said something to the effect of, “We Live in the Dark Ages of Internet Security”. It appears everybody was wrong except the most observant. There is no true computer security. All this stuff is open. Everything has been wide open since day 1. Now, there is a such thing as unbreakable encryption, and there is a such thing as true security, but most people will never get their hands on it. Also, if the machines are physically compromised somehow (at the factory or during transit), no software you put on top of those machines will do any good. The news on this is out there, but the real take away is … use computers like a gloried typewriter, calculator, whatever, but don’t expect secure communications. Only do on a computer that which the convenience is worthwhile and unplanned disclosure of the activity is acceptable.


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