Campaign Against Unbreakable Encryption

What does it really mean that there is a movement against unbreakable encryption? First, top tech companies have figured out (late in the game) that their security technologies made in partnership with public research institutions has been compromised. Second, know that they know, they want to apply the combined mental know how of the tech sector to fix the issue. Third, someone wants to prevent this from happening. What it means is that people have lived under the false pretense that their privacy was valued. That false situation existed to the extent it supported the status quo. However, there is no (and never was) any desire for people to have privacy. I am not complaining. I’ve learned to live with it. The burden of seeing this many years before it became more widely known. I’ve had time to come to terms with the changing nature of the social contract. What all this means is the general values of “old America” are no longer expedient and a new governing reality is coming. It will represent a different set of expectations for people and the way they conduct life. There is more at stake than just encryption technology, but it is probably a losing position for those who advocate it. Somehow, in human societies, those inclined to express greater force (subtle or overt) often have the best footing.


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