Avoid Most Google Technologies if Possible

Some customers of Nest thermostats may see updates to their devices ended. Alright, it is known that many projects from Google are retired if they don’t get enough traction. Exceptions to this has been things like gmail, docs, Android, and Chrome. Those seem safe, but really, it is unwise to invest too much in Google stuff, because it can go end of life easily. Looking at things from Google’s perspective, this is good because they are innovating in a manner where they are not held back by legacy decisions. I think that is good, but at the same time, companies like Apple have tools in the form of Safari, Mail, iWork, and iOS that seems on a steadier track. Regardless, the things Google does has a positive impact in that they do create alternatives to market leading choices that have stagnated. There is value there, but it has to be approached with caution.


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