Microsoft Surface Pro Freeze

Okay … Surface Book and Surface Pro are freezing up for some people. This really isn’t supposed to happen. The devices are first-party devices right? Like Apple devices, the software comes from the same source, and so the testing, certification, and predictability of the modifications are fully within control of the maker. Well … not so this time around. They will get past this and this episode will be a distant memory by July.

I use Linux on my laptop. Linux is my personal flagship solution. However, I was considering a Surface as a stand alone test machine for Windows stuff. Running Windows 10 in some virtual machine scenarios can be problematic and a first-party, smaller device seemed ideal. I still need a Windows test machine for some things, but I am going to have to divert away from Surface until that ecosystem matures.

Surface is still the best idea for Windows in concept, but the reality has to catch up to the idea. In the meantime, third parties like Lenovo, ASUS, Toshiba, HP, Razor, CyberPower and others are doing okay with Windows 10. The key is to find the right model with the right driver configuration. A daunting task to be sure. Third-party and customer reviews are key to that end.


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