Unified Software Development – Part 6 (Platform Specific Software)

The fastest way to write software is to use the tools provided by the supplier of the operating system used by those people who will run the software. Platform specific software is software that is fully aligned with the technical, functional, and visual design standards of the platform the software is running on. That is best achieved by using the tools made by those who make the operating system.

Microsoft Windows

A very common desktop platform is Microsoft Windows. Many computers are available with Microsoft Windows preloaded on them. When you use Microsoft Visual Studio and the Microsoft .NET and/or Microsoft Universal App technologies, you end up with software that is in complete alignment with this environment. The best way to pursue knowledge of software development consistent with the standards of Microsoft Windows are books from Microsoft’s publishing division as well as websites such as MSDN.

Apple OS X and iOS

A language named Swift and a set of code libraries called Cocoa is your gateway to Apple devices. A MacBook combined with XCode allows you to make apps that will run natively in these environments. Apple does publish information on their website about Swift, Cocoa, and XCode as well as host a developer portal. Books also exist from a variety of authors that explain Apple technology consistent with the standards of Apple.


The company, Alphabet has a subsidiary called Google who sponsors an operating system named Android that is widely used on mobile devices. The primary language for Android is Java coupled with the Android Development Kit. Information about Android development is on Google’s website and many books are available as well.


Writing code for a specific platform is the easiest, clearest, and most supported way to build software. Mainstream operating systems for desktops, laptops, and a variety of mobile devices are provided by companies that also maintain tools to build software for these environments. Due to the prevalence of these environments, information on how to apply the tools and standards of those companies is abundant.


The review of platform specific software development was short due to the great quantity of information available on this topic. A conservative estimate of perhaps hundreds of books and thousands of web pages describe platform specific technologies. Streamlined and a convenient level of software development can be realized this way. Platform independent software is an entirely different matter and is covered next.


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