Intel Has the Most Powerful Linux OS

Looking through the stream on Quora, I came across a post by Barry Rountree. He is a leading computer scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The post was about the relevance of UNIX. In it, he gave a glimpse into the impact of UNIX derived operating systems.

A company by the name of Wind River Systems has a version of Linux that is considered to be among the top-shelf, industrial grade versions of Linux around. Barry Rountree cites the use of this Linux in the Mars Rover. A machine, 34 million of miles away from Earth. This machine executes complex machinery and operations and runs independently for years without a person on site to do tune up on the operating system.

Intel is the parent company of Wind River Systems. Intel has something a lot of people do not know about. Intel has the most powerful Linux.


2 thoughts on “Intel Has the Most Powerful Linux OS

  1. Just a quick FYI: Barry Rountree says he works at LLNL; LLNL is an acronym for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. It, Like Los Alamos National Laboratory, is one of the nations nuclear research facilities. It is said the the unofficial motto of those who work there is “Hell no, we won’t glow!”. But you did not hear that from me.
    I have read and enjoyed many of your posted opinions but I must admit that your “Study assembly language in-depth, study C, and then learn C++…” Quora advice is on the money. I have been cranking code since September ’68 and my “First Law of Computing” is: “There is only one computer language; it is Assembly. All else is just some other guy’s idea of convenience.” Rarely, these days, do I encounter young programmers who actually “grok” what it is they do. Keep up the good work.

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