Linux Inventor Talks Artificial Intelligence, Intel Processors, and Technology Evolution

A thoroughly enjoyable interview in which Linus Torvalds shares views about technology, collaborative community, and general perspective. A summary of the interview is as follows:

  • Intel processors have the design right for the trade-offs between hardware and software.
  • Artificial intelligence will not be like it is in sci-fi but a more limited but useful tool.
  • A good personality trait for open source is a combination of sanity, responsibility, perseverance, and engagement.
  • The single superhero coder is really a myth. A person can start something, but they need others to finish it well.
  • Besides the triad of talent, effort, and luck, you need passion and a specific focus in order to succeed.
  • No one true programming language. Different languages work well in different areas.
  • Generic drivers that are generically portable is not something he recommends.
  • Technology seems to work best when it evolves rather than as a push for radical change.

I found the tone of the interview to be very pleasant. The questions were very respectful and thoughtful. The insights shared to be very measured, balanced, and a good outlook overall.


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