The Web is Being Remade – WebAssembly and LibContainer

An industry wide effort is underway to redo the web. Major technology companies have joined together to remake server technology and client technology. The web in 2020 and 2030 will be far different from the web today. It will look largely the same but the mechanics involved will have shifted.

First, the web is being remade fully on an open source foundation. Second, the direction of the future is going to be faster code running in the browser. Third, we are headed into planet stack on the server. Each web app will be a consolidated bundle of tech.

With WebAssembly, they may end up unifying desktop and web development into a single model. Multiple programming languages, all their compilers push out WebAssembly code and it runs in a managed container called a web browser. If WebAssembly succeeds, the virtues of specific programming languages may matter less.

With LibContainer, they will likely try to streamline the process further. Many of the companies involved really want cloud computing and IoT to go further. This combined effort is designed to broaden the market for cloud and IoT. Being open source, the future direction is tech support, subscriptions, and maintenance. Advertising is in there as well as this may mitigate the weight of advert add-ins to web pages.

All this is easier said than done. The process will be incremental. Little of what people learn today will be entirely relevant. If the full vision of the next few years unfold as planned, it will lead to an abandonment of current technologies. Only the principles involved will hold.


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