LastPass Password Manager Hack

Security technology is as susceptible to flaws as the things they protect. LastPass was on the list of recommended tools for keeping secure. All consumer level digital technology and those descended from consumer level tech (x86_64 servers as an example) exist together in a generally common ecosystem. Even if one thing was tightly secure, the insecurity of the things around it may eventually lead to its undoing. Such may be the case with the breach of LastPass.

A total security architecture that is relevant to consumer derived technology does not presently exist. One day it might, but not today. A shortcut may emerge, a new theory that keeps much of what has been created in place. Realistically, a new approach may be too incompatible with what exists whatever that new radical approach may be.

In the meantime, if it is sensitive, embarrassing if leaked, or critical in terms of loss or damage, try not to put it on a computer connected to a publicly accessible computer network. Especially given that SSL is showing issues with breached crypto certificates. Ironically, you rarely hear of a breach of for shopping online so somebody out there is doing something right.


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