Intel and Microsoft are Decidedly in the Server and Infrastructure Business

Kurt Marko shows that WinTel is most profitable in business technology. Specifically servers, data centers, cloud and IoT technology. Personal computer clients in the form of laptops and desktops will remain important. Technologies based on the UNIX design may come to address that space as it is already encompasses much of mobile in the form of Android and iOS.

The great surge in mobile benefits WinTel as Kurt Marko reveals. He shows that you need 1 server for per 400 mobile devices. That translates into higher cloud subscriptions and continuous data center expansion. The growth potential is huge.

Data center and enterprise related businesses will remain strong. Meanwhile consumer mobile app business will see high volatility, sharp highs and lows, except in the case of significant solutions similar to Office 356 with ties to enterprise operations.

When it comes to growth in technology, disruption seems to occur in the consumer space. Time passes and certain hot consumer technologies transitions into the enterprise. At that point, that consumer tech becomes a long-term ingredient in the business space and business audiences becomes a greater focus of that technology.

This helps explain why how Windows and Office performs in the consumer space is not critical. The prior status quo of technology in the consumer space may even have less relevance in subsequent years. The business upgrade cycle seems to eventually drive successful consumer technologies. People who work from home will undoubtedly seek to match what works well in the office.


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