A More Complete Custom Native Cross Platform Code Base

Shown below is a program that can potentially run on multiple operating systems. The great thing about that is the code can last a long time. Long-term code of this kind means when you change operating systems, these program can come with you. Native is good because it is fast and the way this program was put together means you take it in more directions.


On the screen below are two text fields. Some programming technologies let you setup text fields in 4 seconds. These text fields took 4 months of code. Now, the ability exists to create text fields in 4 seconds with greater control over their design. Creating productivity takes time but once it arrives comes possibilities. Long-term possibilities.

What is behind the scenes? That is covered in the first of a series of articles. A discussion of the code begins with reading: Native, Cross-Platform Interactive Program Code. All code exists on GitHub @ michaelgautier/capture-and-draw.

Apart from the details, I have gained a better into this process. You can create things that seem out of reach. The status quo is not the only way. When you take that journey to make ideas a reality you grow an understanding beyond what books and thoughts alone can reveal.



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