ASP.NET HttpHandler to Produce Object-Oriented HTML

Yesterday, I wrapped up an intense sprint to build an example of ASP.NET on Ubuntu Linux to use object-oriented structures in ASP.NET to produce HTML while connecting to a PostgreSQL database. The code is written in C# and the articles walk through various aspects of refining a solution from the use of the single word, Test all the way to pulling in JSON formatted data from I also use the AesManaged example from the MSDN website to quickly build a makeshift encryption/decryption tool.

Part 1 | Introduction

Part 2 | Technology

Part 3 | Accept File Upload

Part 4 | Convert JSON Text to C# Objects

Part 5 | Define PostgreSQL Database Structures

Part 6 | Encrypt Web Account Password

Part 7 | Using PostgreSQL to Improve Data Processing

Part 8 | Intructional References I Used

Code is on GitHub @ michaelgautier/codeexpo/oohtml_in_aspnet_csharp_dotnet_201504


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