Ubuntu 15.04 with Systemd

I am on the fence about whether Systemd will be a good thing or not. Ubuntu is updating to Systemd across the board and I feel it is time to wait and see how it turns out. I am pleased to hear that they do plan to rollback if it isn’t as ready as assumed. The next release of Ubuntu 15.04 will include the 3.19 Linux Kernel and that will be a huge boon to those seeking to have as much of the latest Linux Kernel they need for the next while.

I like all the changes in theory but I will wait this one out to see how it goes. I read up on version 4 of the kernel and it does sound superb from a technology standpoint. Between Systemd and live patching, I do wonder about the security model. I have no deep insight into that question, but I have considered statements on that point made elsewhere and will be interested to see how real-world evaluation reveals the overall operational strengths of the changes in terms of reliability.


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